Box Shop

We have a huge range of boxes and packaging supplies available for purchase at each location.

When it comes to finding quality and affordable cardboard packing boxes that you can depend on for your next move, look no further than Storage Choice.

From tea chests to book boxes to portable wardrobes and everything in between we have you covered. Packing for moving is a time-consuming job, so you want the confidence to know the cardboard boxes you use are up to the task! Boxes that split or fall apart not only make moving more difficult, you also risk damage to your possessions.

Storage Choice only sell quality 100% recycled Australia Made Visy cardboard boxes. Using inferior packing materials can make your move a nightmare – So don’t risk it! We also have a range of quality wrapping, tape, labelling and packaging solutions to help keep your move organized and stress free!

Our staff can also help you save money on your boxes and packaging. They are ‘moving and storage experts’ and are always happy to show you which boxes suit which items in every home. This will save you buying too many, or the wrong boxes for your move. Simply drop down or call your nearest Storage Choice location and have a chat to of our friendly staff.