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Sturt St, Dunwich QLD 4183
(North Stradbroke Island)

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Some time ago Storage Choice identified that Straddie needed its own Self Storage facility. So, we set about finding a suitable site in Sturt Street and in conjunction with local trades people, Storage Choice Stradbroke Island was built. As such, the facility currently contains enough space to completely suit the Island’s self storage needs and is also conveniently located close to the barge and ferry terminals.

Storage Choice Stradbroke Island is a 100% ground floor self storage facility. Thus, easy access – You can simply drive up to your shed! Also, there’s no annoying trolleys or corridors, parking is at your door, conveniently near you holiday destination. So, get your toys and head to the beach for the weekend, then lock them back up when you leave – Simple. So, get your self storage on Stradbroke Island here!

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The price is dependent on the size of the space you will need. Prices start from as little as $44 per month.
We have a large range of sizes, starting from small 1mx1m lockers all the way up to 2000m2 warehouses. Available sizes vary by location so please contact your local store for further information.

We offer Insurance for $1.50 per $1,000 cover. Please contact your local store if you would a copy of the PDS.

Yes, all our stores carry a full range of moving and packaging supplies. Please visit during office to pick up what you need.